Professional Development for Yoga Teachers

Emily is passionate about supporting the growth of Yoga Teachers and enhancing the safety of the practice for students.

Emily has presented anatomy and biomechanics material on behalf of Yoga Australia to Yoga Teachers in workshops that are both practical and informative.

Below is a FREE presentation on the state of Yoga and Injury. Click the link to watch the information session where Emily explores the common injuries and what you can do as a Yoga Teacher to address some of the risk factors.


Yoga and the Hip

This session is all about hips. We all have them, we all use them. The most common musculoskeletal presentation for GP’s is hip pain. Painful hips can be incredibly debilitating – impacting our sleep, daily function and overall quality of life.

What are the best postures for hip pain?

Is “hip opening” good?

…Or should you strengthen them?

…And how should we do this?

Click here and I’ll send you the educational resource for my Yoga and the Hip Workshop.

Yoga Retreats, Immersions & Workshops

Yoga Workshops are extended classes that allow students to understand concepts and the practice of yoga more deeply.

Yoga Immersions are a series of workshops run over two or more full days.  These events are designed to explore the body, mind and soul connections of our health and well-being.

They are designed for people of all ages and abilities to reset and refresh from the inside out in a small community of like-minded people. The aim is for you to leave feeling stronger, more flexible, more energized and focused and ready to tackle life’s challenges.