Therapeutic Immersions

Do you ever wish you could find a ‘pause’ button for your life to allow you a moment to rest, refresh and reset? Do you move as well or as much as you’d like to?

With the nine-to-five work day (and the raft of other commitments in life) do you struggle to find time to sort out your body’s aches and niggles? (Rarely do we have the time and space to focus on ourselves, with the constantly completing challenges to our time and focus.)

I am very excited to bring you my Therapeutic Immersion Program, based on the principles of ConnectTherapyTM(an innovative approach to Physiotherapy), Yoga & Pilates.

This world-first program is distilled into three days to give you the opportunity to kick-start a positive change. In 2018, I am launching both Local and Residential Programs.

Further details will be launched here soon – please or email hello@emilyeglitis.com.au to keep updated and check back again soon.